Daily Affirmation

Every day at my elementary school, the principal Mrs. Mable W. Robertson would have all the students say repeat a daily affirmation that always began with, “I am somebody. I can and I will achieve.”
I didn’t understand why she made us repeat that every day until I got older. She was affirming us to know who we are, where we come from home and that we could do anything.

After Mrs. Robertson retired, my mom, an educator for over 40 years made sure to continue that legacy by writing this affirmation, to remind every student that she taught that they are great because they come from greatness. I share this with my Alizah’s Story family to continue to affirm our children and each other.

Today, it’s a wonderful day. I’m so glad to be here and that I am blessed.
I just love being the best I can be.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A great somebody looking back at me.
Everyday, I work hard to do my best to be a good person, to be focused, to be disciplined, to be respectful, to be a good listener and be responsible.
Because…..My History is one of Greatness and I know I can do more.
I must never, never do less than those who have gone before.
I Am Somebody! I can, I will and I must achieve, to my fullest potential!

Written by : Deborah L. Kennedy

                       Educator, Mom, Nana

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